About Fict.

Fict. is a blog about creating fiction.

Doris Lessing said, ‘There are no laws for the novel. There never have been, nor can there ever be.’ Her view is liberating but it’s also daunting because each writer bears the burden of finding his or her own way to expression, to creating a new world.

With Lessing’s golden worlds in mind, Fict. is not a ‘how-to’ blog. I can’t, in good conscience posts things like ’10 rules of good writing’ or ‘How to be the next J.K. Rowling in 7 Days’. Instead, it aims to examine the thousand-and-one aspects of the writing process, with a strong emphasis on ‘process’.

I hope fellow fictitioners will find information that is reassuring, stimulating or useful. While there are no laws for the novel, there is still some use in having a fellow sufferer!  I’ll be sharing experiences, ideas, excerpts and resources that may or may not resonate depending on where you are in your own work.

Readers who like to think about creativity or simply want to be entertained may enjoy it entertaining as well. Actually I’m confident about that part because I hope to persuade talented friends and guests to contribute their thoughts in the form of interviews, essays and stories. You certainly won’t lack for reading suggestions!

Ideally, you will join the conversation and feel inspired to offer thoughts, suggestions and experiences.

And so, let the conversations begin!


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