Interview on CLASH! podcast

Today my interview with Carl and Nathan from CLASH! podcast became available here.

I was very happy and grateful to discuss my book, Girls of the Empty Quarter, which is published in Italy as Le Raggaze di Rub’ al Khali. It was an exciting chance for me to share some of my experiences living and working in Najran, Saudi Arabia. I describe the (sometimes very funny) implications and inconveniences of living in a closed society that strictly enforces gender segregation. We also discuss how a new generation of Saudi women are adapting to an age of advance technology and globalization.




CLASH! is a podcast that delves into the history and socio-political contexts of world events, especially conflicts. Carl and Nathan are a couple of brilliant young Californians who offer an enlightening and entertaining take on everything from the Dutch-Chinese war on Borneo to surfing to the Sino-American trade war. If you’re intrigued, have a listen to some of their publicly available posts. If you enjoy the content as much as I do, please consider supporting their work; the cost of subscription is as low as $1 per show.





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