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Report on the War Nerd Invasion

Last Monday was the night of ‘Radio War Nerd Invades Brooklyn’, the very first recording of the RWN podcast in front of a live audience. What follows is an intelligence report of the situation on the ground. 

Thursday 8 August :  Canadian contingent (Becky and James) are turned away from Vancouver airport. Two possible causes: 1) they forgot to apply for a ESTA waiver or 2) The Five Eyes have learned of the event and are trying to deprive  Radio War Nerd of their top Yemen correspondent.


Friday 9 August: Gabriel Uriarte of Pennsylvania arrives at Camp Dolan (three days early, thereby demonstrating his expertise on military readiness). He immediately holds council with Michael Pollak at an undisclosed location in Manhattan. 

Generals Dolan, Ames and Anderegg meet at Greenpoint HQ to discuss strategy.  By unwittingly committing suicide, Jeffrey E. Epstein provides RWN grist for the mill.


“What the heck? It’s just my neck!”


Saturday 10 August: Canadian contingent arrives and occupies position on Crown Heights near the Grand Army Plaza. Camp Dolan marches up to deliver materiel (towels and mattresses) to the barracks at Crown Heights.  Pause to admire Lafayette (note air-beds in backpacks).




Western troops (the Larssons of California and Avila of Texas) make landfall in Brooklyn and order large amounts of BBQ.


Cavalry at the biergarten


Sunday 11 August: Western troops arrive at Camp Dolan. Beverages are consumed. Avila performs three brilliant songs of her own invention (see her YouTube channel here), sparking an idea…

A small party heads out to Manhattan to meet Brown and Pollak. The pretext is to see a Leonard Cohen exhibition but the real purpose is to smuggle them back into Brooklyn for a confab at the barracks.


Leonard Cohen First we Take Manhattan single
Well, Brooklyn is close enough.


Troops from Ohio, Philadelphia, Upstate New York, Vermont and NYC converge on the barracks. Beverages are consumed. Jacobs-Johnson brings fresh produce from the family farm, which is converted into delicious pasta sauce. Conversation topics include Terror Birds, Nepalese radiomen, the Spanish Revolutionary War, possums, genre fiction-writing and the political situation in Ukraine. The night degenerates into Karaoke.

Monday 12 August: At Camp HQ, Dolan, Ames and Uriarte frantically prepare last-minute show notes. 

7pm The Bell House is invaded. 


Mark Ames and John Dolan begin the proceedings




James Dahl gives an impromptu lesson on Yemen




Art by Brad Jonas


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